Thursday, March 18, 2010

Met AWS Chairman

I came back Penang yesterday.

When I was on ferry,
I met AWS chairman, Joe.
I wished to have a talk with him,
but I was on phone call that moment.

When the ferry was almost reached the jetty,
I ended my call and had a short chat with him.

He brought AWS people to renew the radio license.

When I was still in AWS,
there is no radio segment in AWS.
I knew nothing about it.

Last time, we were having electronic, and sound & light system.
And, we were focusing on sound & light system.
AWS had switch their focus.
AWS doesn't look really as good as the past in sound & light system.
But they are moving towards the radio system.

that isn't a bad things as well.
AWS is Amateur Wireless Society.
By switching towards radio seems more suitable to the name of the club.

good luck to AWS!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

R.I.P. to Chung Ling Tragedy Victims

Due to the Chung Ling Dragon Boat Tragedy Victim,
all activities in Chung Ling was postponed.
There is no registration yesterday.

I was know by the AWS chairman that one of the victims was actually ex-committee member of AWS.

Cheah Zi Jun,
he was afternoon representative. of AWS.
May him Rest In Peace.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good luck to AWS

Today will be the day of members registration.
Good luck to AWS,
may AWS can attract a lot of members.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I joined AWS

Tomorrow is going to be the day of registration.

This makes me think back of 10 years ago.
It has been a long time!
I joined AWS 10 years ago!

That time,
I was convinced by Loh Khang Heng (00/01 AWS chairman) to join AWS.
I just simply joined that.
I didn't think much on the benefits that I could get.

Until now,
I never regret of that decision.
I gained a lot!
I learned a lot!
AWS taught me a lot of things that I don't think I would obtain it without joining AWS.

Thanks to AWS.

I wish AWS will have a lot of members this year,
And I hope the new members will enjoy and learn a lot in AWS.

All the best!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exhibition of AWS

Today is the exhibition to show to form 1 students.

I was quite busy and couldn't attend.

Thanks to the chairman of AWS,
I am going to have some photos to show in here.
I will post the photo after I get it and arrange it.

This few years,
the method has changed.
When I joined,
the registration of membership will be done on the spot.
But now,
the registration will be done on other day.
This year,
it will be on this coming Wednesday.

Last year,
AWS had 80+ members.
Hope this year AWS will has more members.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

AWS Exhibition: 16th January 2010

I was informed that there will be an exhibition tomorrow.
I am planning my time.
I wish I will able to be there.

To the committee of AWS,
wish you all the best tomorrow!

May you all attract a lot of new members!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What AWS give me?

a lot of people are concerning about academic only.
It has become a fact.

Is academic really important?
Yes, of course it is.

academic is absolutely not enough.

We need soft skill.
We need something more than academic.

Planning, Leading, Communicating....
are all skills which we can't really get it from simply going to class.

We need to get it by joining activities, club or socializing.

Amateur Wireless Society is where I start getting such skill.

When I got into Chung Ling High School,
I am a person who just only know how to study,
or playing.
I don't have high planning skill.
I can't lead.

I met AWS.

I learn a lot.
I find my another life in AWS.
It is really interesting.

There are a lot of my friends join AWS.
Our batch is quite active.
We are fighting to perform.

I felt tired actually.
no choice.
If I gave up that time,
I might learned another skill.
"Skill of Giving Up"

Luckily, I didn't.
I went on.
And lastly,
I found my success in AWS.
The moment I stepped on chairman,
is really unforgettable.

The moment I left AWS,
is unforgettable.

AWS is likely my SIFU.
I really feel sad of leaving my SIFU.

Thanks, SIFU.
Thanks, Amateur Wireless Society.